This Is A List Of Right Wing Trolls I’ve Blocked

The Following is a list of right wing trolls that I’ve ‘Blocked’ on Twitter. Many of which are also ‘PAID’ Right Wing Trolls!! They’re on twitter for the pure purpose of dragging liberals into responding to their insane tweets, then using automated Twitter tools to get the accounts of the Liberals suspended and even permanently closed.

I’ve been asked by many to post this list so they can also ‘Block’ these accounts. preemptively, saving them the headaches of having to deal with suspended accounts. There is also the point that they are a complete waste of our time and often are only trying to distract us from accomplishing the goals we are working towards together.

So…here’s the list…I’ll add more as they slither out from under their rocks, in their lame attempts to spread their hate, lies, fear mongering and trying to close our accounts down. You can take it or leave it…it’s simply information I’m providing for you to use if you’d like to.

If you have other right wing trolls you’d like me to add, send me a tweet and show me who they are.

@ColinCraigNZ (Bigot from NZ)
@wolframrose                                                                                            @BoogymanWF          
@daalad                                                                                                     @Justsnapd8                                                        
@bmpworldwide (gun nut)
@VTwinCrucible                                                                                      @SereDoc                                  

@ToddKincannon and all accounts who are part of the #TGDN (Twitter Gulag Defense Network) (Not EVEN Kidding!! They actually call themselves a ‘Gulag’) that he started. Including: @TGDNhelp. Avoid and BLOCK anyone with #TGDN hashtag          

Additional updated information:  Avoid any person that has a black and yellow ribbon saying ‘Benghazi 4' on their profile. They are #TGDN RWNJ(s). AVOID and BLOCK.”

Eventually I’d like to put the list in alphabetical order. That way we can make sure there are no duplicates. I’m keeping an ongoing list of newly found RWNJ’s to block and avoid, and protecting all our people from RWNJ’s spamming, scamming, hacking and having accounts of liberals suspend repeatedly. If you’d like to help, by putting them in order and then sending me the organized list, I’d appreciate it.


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